Computer Courses

VB. Net, ASP.Net, C#, ADO.Net and SQL Server

ASP.Net (Active Server Pages) is a Microsoft web technology/frame work for easily creating high quality dynamic websites. ASP.Net is part of the Microsoft.Net Framework. This server side technology allows all .Net compatible languages such as C#.Net, VB .NET, VC++ etc. ASP.Net can be used to create web application or web services. Web controls and Web API in ASP.Net make it an easy and rapid platform for web development.

ASP.Net pages are hosted on IIS (Internet Information Services) enabled remote server. IIS supports all major protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and SMTP. The request from a client is handled by IIS and ASP.Net and the response is sent back to the client.

The 'ASP, C# and ADO.Net' course is available at our centres.

Programs Important topics Hours
Web Development Installing/configuring IIS, using in creating ASP.Net pages, Master pages, Displaying multimedia contents, Using various controls, Data bound controls with SQL server, Uploading and downloading files, user control as web parts. 30
  • Covers asynchronous pages and web service calls
  • Covers storing and retrieving data in XML format
  • You become experienced in creating dynamic web sites by using C#.Net programming and JavaScript /AJAX
  • High quality study material is provided
  • Many of our students are working as web designers and web developers
  • Training sessions are handled by experienced engineers /industry experienced professionals