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Web Design - HTML, CSS and JavaScript

All good web designers and web developers must have a clear understanding and hands-on experience with HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, browser behaviours and at least one server side scripting language. Some of the designers think that JavaScript is a tool for web developers and not for designers. It is true that JavaScript is a great tool for web developers / programmers. But a good knowledge of JavaScript helps the web designer create appealing user interfaces as far as client level user interaction is concerned.

The W3C new recommendation in HTML5 helps you to create special effects, multimedia support and web storage for a wide variety of devices including smart phones and tablets.

Working effectively with server side framework like Node.js or a highly responsive web page using AJAX demands your strength in JavaScript.

The 'HTML5, CSS and JavaScript' course is provided at our centres.

Programs Important topics Hours
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and SQL Server JavaScript language essentials HTML 5 with JavaScript Cookies with HTML 5. 30
  • Covers the Latest JavaScript features & Programming in detail
  • Covers using JavaScript with HTML5 for graphics and Multimedia support in Web pages
  • Covers Local storage with HTML5
  • High quality study material with live examples
  • Training sessions are handled by experienced engineers/industry experienced professionals
  • JavaScript with HTML5 is an essential topic in web programming, web design and helps you to become a real web master