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First AID

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First AID Theory & Practical 1
Course Content:
  • Define First Aid
  • Role of the First Aider
  • Approaching the patient
  • Key Aims of First Aid
    1. Preserve Life
    2. Prevent further harm
    3. Promote Recovery
  • Key skills required for First Aid (ABC Life Cycle)
    1. Airway
    2. Breathing
    3. Circulation
  • Conditions that often require First Aid
    1. Bleeding and shock
    2. Caring for injury
    3. Continuous Patient Care
    4. Caring for illness
  • Common First Aid Cases
  • Additional Considerations
  • Class Evaluation
Performance Objectives:

This course will measure mastery on each of the following performance objectives:

  • Provide first aid to shock victims
    1. Define shock.
    2. Select the method used to eliminate shock.
    3. List ways to treat a shock victim.
  • Use first aid methods associated with CPR
    1. Describe the Heimlich maneuver.
    2. Explain CPR.
    3. Select the proper amount of breaths per minute when giving CPR.
  • Provide proper first aid to a heart attack victim
    1. Select signs that someone is having a heart attack.
  • Provide proper first aid to a bleeding victim
    1. Identify how often a tourniquet should be loosened to check bleeding.
  • Properly react to a poisoning
    1. Choose the proper technique to dilute poison in a conscious victim.
  • Follow proper actions to help a near-drowning person
    1. Select appropriate emergency actions to save a near-drowning person.