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Basic H2S Training

Course Outlook

This four-hour Basic H2S Training course is and aimed at all personnel who risk exposure to Hydrogen Sulphide contamination at work. The fire training covers the detection and measurement of the flammable gas, plus the correct emergency response to an H2S leak.

Course Structure

The course includes theoretical input, demonstrations for delegates to demonstrate an acceptable level of competence

Programs Days
H2S 1
Course Content:
  • Actions to be taken in the event of an alarm
  • Common definitions: PPM, TLV,STEL,IDLH
  • How H2S is detected and the use of onsite and personnel detection equipment
  • H2S gas, it's common name where it can be ordinarily found
  • Measurement and the of H2S
  • Physical properties and characteristics of H2S
  • Physiological effects of exposure to H2S
  • Role of the emergency response teams in an H2S emergency
  • Types of respiratory equipment available including escape breathing apparatus and self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Importance of a correct facemask fit
Target Audience

This course is intended for personnel working in an environment that could become contaminated by H2S gas.