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Authorised Gas Testing (AGT)

Course Outlook

The Authorised Gas Testing (AGT) course covers: Gas Testing procedures and practices; the procedural requirements for Gas Testing; the theory of combustion; characteristics of gas mixtures; and, the use of portable Gas Testing equipment.

The course provides the underpinning knowledge to support competence and, when combined with the supplementary practical and workplace assessment, can provide a complete method to achieve AGT certification.

Programs Days
Authorized Gas Testing 1
Targeted Participants

The course is aimed at personnel who will be involved in Gas Testing activities, Authorised Gas Testers, or those requiring knowledge of Gas Testing practices.

Course Content:
  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Flammable Gases
  • Module 3: Toxic Gases
  • Module 4: Properties of Gases
  • Module 5: Portable gas Detection
  • Module 6: Gas Testing Procedures
  • Module 7: Confined Space Entry
  • Module 8: Purging
  • Module 9: Training and Competence
  • Module 10: Worked Example