About Us

About Abwab Institute

We provide training through an integrated and flexible learning approach that ensures that new knowledge can be applied to real life situations, We deliver a full range of technological and business skills training, from basic applications and desktop productivity tools to complex IT systems.

The student will be able to become a more competent professional, and a successful, focusing on innovation, growth and continuous improvement which achieves better and more sustainable results.

We are facilitators of results-oriented learning. To achieve results, we focus on people’s existing knowledge and experience to meet the realities of their work.

Best results are created through skilled, motivated and inspired professionals. Our certified, and experienced instructors train the participants with easy-to-use step-by-step training materials, using the most up-to-date software packages in the least amount of time.

We focus on quality education at an affordable cost with a comprehensive range of courses that are geared towards fulfilling the industry demand. In short, we offer excellent educational services to our students.

Our total commitment to 100% student satisfaction is the true secret of our success.

Our Courses

Computer Courses

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General / Academic

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Language Courses

Spoken Arabic / English

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Safety Courses


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Professional Courses

Primavera ( Basic & Advanced ) / MS Project / PMP

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